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Software Process and Ressources Measurement

  • ISO: ISO 9000 Self Assessment
  • SLIM: Demonstration of the Software Lifecycle Effort Estimation
  • SDC: Software Development Complexity
  • SAFE: Security Assessment for E-Commerce
  • SFMEA: Failure Mode and Effect Analysis Human Performance Prediction
  • UnitMetrics: Metrics Application in Agile Software Development
  • Y2K: Year 2000 Problems, Approaches and Solutions

Process Maturity Models and Measurement

  • AMMI: Agile Maturity Model Integration
  • CMM: Capability Maturity Model Evaluation
  • CMMI: Capability Maturity Model Integration
  • Light TPEF: Light Test Process Evaluation Framework
  • S3M : Maintenance Maturity Model

Software Cost Estimation

  • COCOMO: COnstructive COst MOdel
  • COCOTS: COnstructive cost effort estimation of COTS
  • FP: Function Point Effort Estimation
  • UCP: Use Case Point Based Cost Estimation

Software Product Measurement

  • PDM: Problem Defintion Measurement
  • PALM: Measurement and Estimation for Handhelds
  • PMT: Prolog Measurement Tool

Software Size Measurement and Infrastructures

  • FFPCounter: Full Function Point Counting Support Tool
  • COSMIC-FFP: COSMIC Functiont Point Tutorial and Measurement
  • FSeMP: Functional Size e-Measurement Portal

Measurement of Software Paradigms and Technologies

Procedural-Based Software Engineering (PBSE),
(the paradigm of the 70's and 80's):

  • MACROPLUS: Metrics Based General Macro Programming Approach
  • SVS: Software eValuation System based on the McCall Quality Model
  • DORIS: Dialog-Orientiertes Quelltext-Redigierungs- und Makro-Implementierungs-System
  • MALIS: Makro-basiertes Applikations-Generierungssystem für Leitungs- und Informationssysteme (LIS)
  • MCOMP: Metrics-Based Compiler

Object-Oriented Software Engineering (OOSE),
(the paradigm of the 90's):

  • OOMJ: OO Measurement of Java Technologies
  • OOM: OO Modelling Measurement Tool
  • MPP: Measurement of C++ Programs
  • OOP: Measurement of Object-Oriented Programs
  • STME: Smalltalk Measurement Extension
  • QEV: Quality EValuation as Web-Based GUI for C++ Projects
  • ETAS: Efficient Testing of Aspect-Oriented Programs

Component-Based Software Engineering (CBSE),
(the paradigm of the late 90's and 2000's):

  • CoMeT: Corba Measurement Tool
  • EJB-Eval: Evaluation of Appropriateness of EJB Application
  • HOS: Higher Order Software Based Code Generation & Quality Assurance

Service-Oriented Software Engineering (SOSE),
(the paradigm of the 2000's):

  • BPELmeter: Performance Measurement of Service Orchestration based on BPEL descriptions
  • WSMP: Web Service Measurement Portal
  • CPF: Cache Performance Factor Measurements of Windows Azure based Cloud Computing

Agent-Oriented Software Engineering (AOSE),
(the current and future paradigm):

  • ARTEMIS: Agent-Based Measurement considering the ISO 15939
  • Agent Academy: Evaluation of intelligent Software Agent Development Tools
  • SAMF: Software Agent Measurement Framework
  • PERF-Aglets: Performance Measurement of Mobile Agents using Aglets

Measurement Frameworks and Processes

Systematic Measurement:

  • GQM: Goal Question Metrics Approach

Ubiquitous Measurement:

  • WEBTOMIX: Web Content Mesasurement based on Web Tomography
  • SET Tool: Self Evaluation Test of Web Sites using the WCAG 2.0
  • WMS: Web Measurement Suite

Adaptive Measurement:

  • Wesement: Web Service Measurement Service
  • EPOLL: Web-Based Online e-Poll Framework
  • Hackystat: Software Process Measurement in Open Office Infrastructures
  • PISA: Projekt-Information-Statistik-Analyse Approach of Industrial e-Learning Applications

Proactive Measurement:

  • PEC: Proactive E-Learning Courses for Mobile Environments
  • ABEL-GUI: Agent-Based E-Learning GUI

Ontology-Based Measurement:

  • QuaD2: QuaD2 Approach Based Measurement
  • GEO PORTAL: Ontology-Based Geo Portals with Semantic Web

Categorical-Theory Based Measurement:

  • OPC: Efficiency of Organic Product Cataloges
  • ArbiterOne: Performance-Based E-Commerce

Measurement Process Evaluation:

  • CAME-PE: CAME-based measurement process evaluation

Measurement Repositories und Supports

  • COCKPIT: Multidimensional Software Measurement and Evaluation
  • MDB: Software Metrics Data Base
  • SOFTMETRICS: Web-Based GUI of a Multi Tool Oriented Metrics Data Base
  • ISBSG Portal: International Software Benchmarking Standards Group Data Exploration
  • VisuGraph: Visualization of Web Based Infrastructures
  • AMCI: Agent-Based Measurement Cockpit Infrastructure